23 June 2018

Darwin Never Sleeps

Reading all these stories about a child being left alone in a hot car and dying.

Back in the stone age, we could roll down the windows by turning the handy cranks. Assuming the windows weren't already down, what with hardly any cars having AC back then.

Even so, the door handles on all but a few cars work even if there's no power; and those cars have emergency releases with pictograms to save the illiterate from Father Darwin.

Darwin is saying that if your kids are too stupid to open the door when it's getting too hot in the car, then He wants to keep them from getting old enough to breed.

He's also saying that if you're so stupid that you locked your spawn in a sun-powered oven; then a retroactive application of birth control is fine by Him.

Your going to jail for killing your kids is gravy.

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