25 June 2018

I Don't Say Infestation

Some muscle bound bully on Twitter is going off.

I don't dehumanize illegal immigrants with the term infestation.

The phrases I've been using for decades now are "colonization" and "enclaves".

Illegal immigrants are not coming to America to be Americans, they are coming to America to remain whatever nationality they were before they came here.

They don't learn local customs.  They don't obey local laws (in fact breaking the law is their very first action in America).  They don't learn the local language.

Once a certain concentration of unassimilated foreigners is reached, it's an enclave.  Inside an enclave there's no need to do anything that's not native to their place of origin.

When such enclaves expand with the intent of eliminating the existing culture and nation; it becomes colonization.

Enclaves do exist where there's no attempt a colonization.  Waves at the Cubans in Miami!

But that's not what we're getting with the illegal immigrants from other Latin American nations, they're setting up colonies.

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