02 June 2018

Hitting The Apex

I've bit of a love-hate going on with my M&P.

I love pretty much everything about it, except I consistently pull the trigger wrong.

If I consciously place my finger differently, I can correct for it.

What happens when I don't is the gun twitches to the right, ever so slightly.  It causes me to be a bit erratic and strings my shots left-right.

This is the only gun I have where I have this issue.

Apex makes a replacement trigger.  I'm going to try that.

I'm a fan of Apex.  Their kit to improve the trigger on my J-Frame really improved it.

Marv has done two different trigger upgrades in his M&P.  First the Duty/Carry Action Kit then the Forward Set Sear/Trigger Kit.

Their trigger improvements kit for Sigma made a vast improvement for FuzzyGeff and Willard's guns.

Apex make a different trigger for Sigmas too... might have to try that!

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