08 June 2018

Two Weeks Notice

A local staple is closing.

The German Restaurant is closing its doors after almost 20 years in business.

It had a real name once, but since it's the only German cuisine in the area...

And it will be gone on the 23rd.


While I liked the place, they sure didn't make it easy to eat there.  The hours were seemingly random and short.

Still, I will miss them.


  1. You have/had a German restaurant in your area? Man... Dang it, Roy. My area (North Central Florida, land of stupid blue and orange) has no such cultural center, no good sausage, no schnitzel, no apple strudel, no good dark thick German beer...

    Bazillion Cuban/Jamaican/Caribbean restaurants. Not a single German/Austrian/Western European restaurant at all.

    My city sucks...

  2. Hey Angus;

    The only German kinda restaurant in my area is in Fayetteville. They have good schnitzel there. I wish there were others.

  3. Naa Fayetteville, or perhaps Fayettehood This is GA not North Carolina, LOL

  4. Why do you care about German when you have Bern's?

    1. Ich interessiere mich für Deutsch, denn es gibt mehr im Leben als Steak!


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