23 June 2018

Supply Demand

If sales of firearms slumping is an indication that gun control is winning... then...


But it ignores the record sales when the fear of a ban was in place.

It ignores that despite the market cooling somewhat, that sales are still higher than before the Obama scare(s).

So, gun control people, it would appear that your very best tactic to reduce gun sales is to stop talking or be seen to have no power to affect the gun laws.

Speaking of gun laws, remember this picture from the other day?

A convicted felon amassed that collection in California.  Someone who's not supposed to be able to own a gun anywhere in the nation acquired all of that, in the state with the strictest gun control.

This is why I keep harping that gun laws only affect the law abiding, because it certainly doesn't slow down the criminals.


  1. I think Illinois and Hawaii are stricter, but I'm not up-to-the-minute.

    1. I call California the strictest because it's the most comprehensively restrictive.


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