27 June 2019

I Can Explain It

LGBTQ Acceptance On The Decline

Did you say the correct pronoun?

Did you assume a gender?

Did you call their significant other the wrong title (which can include significant other as being wrong).

What happens to someone who's not LGBT when that happens?

Now, how comfortable would you feel knowing what a minefield this is?

LGBT got what they wanted, discovered they had power and have been bullies about it ever since and demanded things long past the victory they deserved.

Make no mistake, they deserve to be treated like human beings because they are human beings.  They deserve the same rights and privileges as anyone else.  No more, no less.

It was the demanding of more that has them losing acceptance.

They should have looked hard at feminism and race baiting for the curve on popularity.

PS: I say "they" because I am not LGBT.  There's no implied attempt to other or blow a dogwhistle here.

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