24 June 2019

This Is Us Not Driving Home

The Lovely Harvey is chasing her Mom's doctor around to get some simple questions answered.

The Doc, apparently, is relying on Mom to relay information and questions in both directions because she's fully competent.

The problem is the information always gets garbled and sometimes answers give rise to other questions.  Then add a day or more of delay...  It's just better if you can get the doc to hold still and spend ten minutes to clear up all the stuff.

One bit of good news is Mom is getting moved from the hospital in Des Moines to one in the home town of Nevada.  This is good because it's not really hospital care but recovery care.

There's a chance she'll have to have a second surgery to replace the screws with a plate.  If they do that, then she won't need a knee replacement in a couple years.

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