16 December 2016

Asking The Right Question

Have you noticed that the debate about the Podesta emails centers on HOW they became public and not the content of them?

That nobody is contesting the corruption and fraud, but attempting to deflect it by condemning whomever got hold of them and released them into the wild?

Did you also notice that this deflection is working?


  1. Yep, they've NEVER denied they were true... Which I find MUCH more interesting...

  2. Reminds me of the person that is upset that their spouse caught them cheating.

  3. Exactly... People KNOW that the Democrats are corrupt and they apparently don't care. It seems like so many of them are pissy that despite the growing evidence that there was massive voting fraud ALMOST ENTIRELY IN FAVOR OF HILLARY... they still lost. Waaahhh! We were supposed to win when we cheated!!! F-ing cry babies.

    It is looking like Trump's claim that if the voting fraud were taken away he'd have won the popular vote too. Given what they've found with 95% of the votes in Detroit supposedly going to Hillary which just plain is nearly impossible to be true... and the fact that there are huge problems with the number of votes being cast there not matching reality at all... It sure looks like the Dems were at their "early and often" games again. Voter ID laws are not about trying to keep minorities from voting. They aren't about trying to keep the poor from voting. They are about trying to keep the DEAD from voting and the live from voting multiple times.


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