12 December 2016

Update Photo

If you remember Twilight 2000, you remember this book:

A while back I recreated the cover picture with this:

Now that Andrea has replaced Alice...

I skipped the dog tags for privacy purposes and I refuse to tape magazines together.


I cropped it a bit and it makes it look a lot closer.


  1. Your second pic is indeed much closer. You could get a set of blank tags. It looks like the rifle in the original cover art does not have forward assist. Also the original artwork it looks like a Kabar instead of an M9 bayo.

  2. Hammer is back on the second one....

    1. Conscious choice. I also used properly green tipped M855 ammo and substituted an M9 for a K-Bar and used a 30-rounder instead of the 5-round magazine that came with the SP-1 they must have used as a model for the book's illustration.

      Uncocking the hammer was something we NEVER did. (OK we did, but just because we were forbidden and that made us curious).

      Since Twilight never did give us stats for the Marines, having a K-Bar in the pic didn't make sense to me.

      Other changes are simply the result of using actual items instead of stand-ins. I think the artist had an AR-15 SP-1 and some photos of an M16A2 to go from. I also think he only has the one 30-rounder and the 5-rounder that came with the gun; so he taped them together and put the 5-round mag on the bottom and facing away from the viewer.


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