17 December 2016

Finding A Unicorn

Last year sometime MagPul discontinued foliage green.

This put a bit of a wrinkle in FuzzyGeff's plan of doing his carbine in that color.

I had a stock and pistol grip available for him, but did not have a mid-length handguard.

Foliage was never their most popular color and even less so in mid-length.

I'd searched high a low for a vendor with one in stock for him and thought I'd found a vendor on Amazon.

FuzzyGeff placed his order and they gave him a tracking number.  He gave up after two weeks of it showing that the post office had been informed, but had not received the package yet.

That was Global Defense Gear.

He cancelled and tried a different seller; Platinum Deals USA.

Their tracking number is doing the same thing.

Also, the first 16 digits of the tracking numbers are the same.  I think they are the same company.  Their ads are identical on Amazon too.  Avoid doing business with them if you can.

Happily, today I found a MagPul MAG418-FOL in the display case of a local gun shop!

For $35 instead of the $50 they wanted on Amazon and without any extraneous rails padding the bill!

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