28 December 2016

Everything About Life You Learn In High School

There are cliques of cool kids.

You are either a member, or you are not.

If you are not, you cannot choose to join them.  They must choose you.

If you act cool anyway, they will smite you.

Cool kids do not have to explain their actions or justify their existence.  That is for little people.

They don't have time for little people.

They may be as rude as they want to little people.

Should a little person have the temerity to disagree, or (God forbid) have the courage to hurt their feelings, it's not really a problem because all of the other cool kids will rally to their defense and offer support.

Cool kids do not apologize for the harm they cause or the mistakes they make.  Being sorry is for little people.

The most vicious of the cool kids are those who used to be little people.


  1. True, and they don't mellow with age... And they hate it when you ignore them as adults. :-)

  2. Rarely have such true words been so eloquenty written.

  3. Some people really never do get out of high school.


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