09 December 2016

The More Complicated You Make It The Easier It Is To Gum Up

The Precious was giving me the security light on the dash.

This is a singularly uninformative indicator.

To quote page 2-18 of the owner's manual:

Theft-Deterrent System
Your vehicle is equipped with a theft-deterrent alarm system. 
With this system, the security light will flash when the door is open and locked with the with the power door lock switch. 
If this light is on continuously while the engine is running, your car needs service.
"Car needs service" is GM Owner's Manual code for "take it to someone with a Tech2 Scanner.

The only other mention of the light is on page 3-47:

Security Light 
For information regarding this light and the vehicle’s security system, see Theft-Deterrent System on page 2-18
Th th the th theah that's all folks!

Mine was coming on solid when I entered the car and when I shut off the car.  If it was on while I was in the car, the doors wouldn't open.  But a restart and shutdown would free the doors and shut off the light.

Turns out, this is a harbinger that the battery in the keyless-entry is going dim.  Could Chevy be troubled to suggest checking the battery in the fob?  Heck no, they couldn't even be bothered to describe the activity of the light I was observing.

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