04 December 2016

As A Former Liberal

I still had some liberal friends.  Still have a couple clinging at the edges, but they're more centrist of late.

I had a rough patch with one where I confronted her over her liberal bigotry concerning my white, straight, maleness.

One of her defenses was that she did not mean me, and how most of her very liberal friends knew a "republican" who wasn't like that at all.

In context, "republican" means conservative.

There's a few things that fell out of that while I was considering her interest in being friends again.

Since every one of them knows an exception to the strawman they're hating on, maybe Mr Strawman doesn't really exist.

Every one of them knows an exception to the strawman, but none of them can name someone they know in meatspace who is exactly Mr Strawman.

I, too, know lots of exceptions to the frothing liberal stereotype; but I also know a couple of people who conform to the stereotype 100% (but this is definitely the minority).

I wish it would occur to them, as it occurred to me, that if they're constantly encountering the exception rather than the rule then the exception IS the rule.


  1. That's "Progressive" Think in a nut shell.

    How many times has a "Progressive" said, "Look I'm fine with YOU owning all those guns....it's the OTHER gun owners I'm concerned about!"?

    Hell I've only met a handful of "Progressives" who had the stones to say to my face that I shouldn't own firearms.

    Note that's the "Progressives" I'm on friendly terms with who KNOW I own guns....the irony of somebody telling you what a bunch of paranoid nut bags those concealed carry holders are, and how they WOULD NOT TOLERATE somebody carrying a loaded gun in their presence....while they are mere feet from a cocked-locked, and concealed 1911 is DELICIOUS!

    The bottom line is they hate EVERYBODY who doesn't agree with them, but they wouldn't dare tell YOU how they REALLY feel.

    While they say to you that they wouldn't want to take your guns because you're a nice guy....it's not like they'd take a stand when their other "Progressive" friends were waxing poetic about door-to-door confiscation.

    1. I couldn't agree more with this... I've had those kinds of conversations before...

      Since I don't look the "conservative" part, I'm often mistaken as a liberal or rather it is assumed that I must be... so I am often privy to conversations that wouldn't be had if anyone suspected there might be the possibility of dissention.


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