28 December 2016


There's days I look forward to getting up.

There's days where I know there's no more oil on the flash-hider because bare metal tastes different.

I'm constantly astonished at how small an event can send me from one extreme to the other.

It's very rarely anything that matters that can shatter a good mood and send me to the doldrums.

Seeing that those things that don't matter send me there actually helps a lot.

They don't matter, so it doesn't matter.  Then I feel all better!

It's a coping mechanism.

The Boy matters.

The Lovely Harvey matters.

My friends matter.

Voices on the internet don't matter.

Opinions of dancing monkeys don't matter.

How can I tell the difference?  By what effect they have on my life if I ignore them.

If you ignore something that matters, your life gets worse.  Like the electric bill.

If you ignore something that doesn't matter, nothing materially changes.

I suddenly Grok my grandparents!

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