22 December 2016

Thanks Obama!

Sonja is a friend of the McThag family.

She's a recent victim of a near burst aneurysm.

Most of her story is at her Go-Fund-Me page.

She's also the victim of the Affordable Care Act.

She went from having decent insurance doing home health care for a single company to being entirely responsible for her own coverage as she was dumped into working for two companies while they restructured to avoid Obamacare penalties for being too large and having too many full time employees.

Please spread the word!

Many hands make light work is my thinking here.

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  1. The Obamites will brag about how "millions of people got insurance". What they won't tell you is that millions of people who used to have insurance lost it. They will gloss over the fact that there are still millions of people who are uninsured. In fact my some estimates the number of uninsured people didn't decrease much until the penalties for not having it got larger. But for many those penalties are nearly meaningless because they don't file with the IRS or don't get a refund anyway. I know people who don't file because they have outstanding student loans and their refund would all be confiscated anyway, so they just don't bother. The IRS apparently leaves them alone about not filing because they aren't worth going after. Anyway, basically what the ACA did was push the uninsured gap up from the non-working and minimum wage level group up into people who often had worked their way out of that. ACA is now dragging those people back down again.


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