11 December 2016

Rising Sea Levels

Just up the road in St Augustine there's a nice indicator that sea levels haven't risen much at all in the past 300 years or so:  Castillo de San Marcos.

Why do I say that sea levels have not risen?

Because it's repeated appearance in paintings and photographs spanning those 300 some odd years.

If the water was rising, then we'd see landmarks sitting lower in the water, wouldn't we?


  1. I used to love sitting on the coquina sea wall. There's some great butt grooves for sitting and watching the sunset. I'm not sure how long the sea wall has been there, but I'd guess easily over 100 years.

    1. They tell you to stay off the wall now...

    2. *sigh* can't say that surprises me... it's a nice wall and an awesome fort, though.

  2. Clearly the net change is zero.

    Even the zealots can't make a reasonable sale.


  3. Loved the castle. Understood how and why they built them that way and specially seeing cannons built centuries ago from the Spanish provinces where my ancestors lived.


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