09 December 2016


Webcomics live on getting clicks and hoping those clicks turn to purchases of physical goods like shirts, mugs, compilation books... etc.

Because they live on those clicks, the authors should avoid making political statements in their little blogs they have at the bottom of the page that have nothing to do with the comic.

It turns (some) readers off.

Having been turned off by a couple three comics, I noticed something.

I don't need to read them.  My not reading a comic has no measurable detriment to my life.

My not reading a comic, however, does have a small, but measurable, effect on the comic.  If I don't share that comic with friends, they might not discover it, denying it clicks and future business.  If my friends are also offended by the political posturing, they too will stop clicking.

In short, a business needs customers, don't drive them away.

1 comment:

  1. Yep, I've done that with a couple also, including cancelling an order for a hard copy of the toons... Words DO have consequences...


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