11 December 2016

My Taxes Pay For Your Car!

Actually, no.

The physical car, is paid for entirely by me.

I pay an annual tax called "registration" to be able to drive my car on public roads.

I pay a per gallon tax on fuel regardless of if I use my car on public roads.

I pay a tax to dispose of my used petroleum lubricants.

I pay a tax to dispose of my worn tires.

I know that the sum of these taxes is sufficient to pay for the roads because every year the fund created by these taxes is raided by the general fund to pay for things like schools and police pensions.

Your bus riding ass isn't paying these taxes because the city owned bus doesn't pay an annual registration fee nor is their fuel taxed.

1 comment:

  1. Unless the car in question is that piece of shit Chevy Volt.

    Then yes, yes it did.


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