03 December 2016

Minimum Wage Is $0 An Hour

Y'all want $15 an hour for a fast food job?

Learn to tell the difference between Sprite and Coke.

Someone else is out there with my order and wondering where their Coke is.


  1. One of the interesting things around here. There are very few big name (Mc Donald's, Burger Kind, Taco Bell, etc) fast food places that ostensibly pay minimum wage. Neither does Wal-Mart. In fact you'd have a pretty hard time finding a big national chain that has many minimum wage workers. Now, it is true that most of them have a lot of people who are below $15/hr, but most are in the $9-$12/hr range for the bulk of their people, which is $2-$5 over minimum. Most of the places that pay minimum tend to be smaller ma & pa kind of places. And even then, it is generally only for beginning, experienced people typically make more, and generally the lowest paying are truly unskilled jobs.

    Another thing that is probably unique to around here because of our proximity to the southern border and the resulting large numbers of undocumented workers... if you notice I said "ostensibly" above. The reality is that, especially in food service, a lot of workers are actually paid BELOW minimum. And I'm not talking about the presumptive tip wages either. What I am talking about is the practice of making employees pay kick-backs and bribes to the middle management (who often don't make a whole lot more than the bottom level employees, legally anyway) as an exchange for looking the other way at the lack of documentation or in many cases the obviousness of the forged or stolen credentials being used. This practice I believe has an insidious effect on keeping wages low. One reason for that is that often times in places where this kind of thing is happening, nobody who is legal will be hired not just because it would mean fewer bribes, but also because it would involve more risk that someone would squeal about what is going on.

  2. It tells it all when the first thing you do when you leave a fast food joint is stop andlook in your bag to make sure the order is right. And these Einstein's and Fermi's want 15$ an hour to do these job's that they can't even get right? I have one word for them. Automation.


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