14 December 2016

It Might Already Be Happening

The meme that the Russians hacked things so that Trump would be elected will fade just as soon as the hard questions start hitting about how the Obama Administration could have changed things so much in just 8 years to allow it to occur.

And why do we pin it on Obama?  Because there was nothing wrong or untoward about HIS election...

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  1. I'd be a little more sympathetic to the Dumbocrats if they had been besmirched by the Russians leaking fake and untrue information that damaged Hillary's campaign and cost her votes... Buuuuut... It was TRUE and FACTUAL stuff that was leaked. So in a way, the h4x0rs did the public a service... they could be looked at more as "whistle blowers". Also, you have to wonder why the Dem's, with their billions in war chest and support from all those millenials and liberal techies were so much more vulnerable to being hacked than the Republicans and Trump... and why the Republicans apparently either didn't have any interesting baggage to leak or were smart enough not to leave it online where it was vulnerable to being hacked.

    Reality is... Sure, the Russians hack... But so do the Chinese... North Koreans, etc. And guess what? So does the US. Obama is kind of the pot calling the kettle black. If that ain't ironic in a way. And what is new with the Russians "meddling" in another country's election? You can't tell me that the US hasn't ever done that either!

    FWIW, another thing that makes me question... If the Russians were good enough to hack the DNC, etc... Don't you think they'd be good enough to cover their tracks better than what has been claimed??? Clear trail that leads directly to Putin??? Really??? How convenient. Smells a little like a frame job.


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