21 December 2016

A Sincere Thank You To Bubba

I got to wondering what the 1916 made Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk III* hanging on my wall was worth.

So I hit GunBroker.

$500 is the going price for a bubba'd SMLE III*!

Hot damn!  A numbers matching original must be worth more!

If there were any listed, I'd confirm that.

Confusing the matter on GunBroker are all of the Rifle No. 4's of various marks being labeled as SMLE.

The No. 4 and No. 5 aren't SMLE's.

Once they're redesignated, even an actual SMLE isn't anymore; it becomes a Rifle No. 1.  But at least a No. 1 Mk III* used to be an SMLE.  A No. 4 Mk I never was.

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