04 December 2016

No Great Revelation

Oh the joys of Facebook.

A former friend has decided that since he doesn't have to worry about my delicate sensibilities he can now openly be a frothing liberal.

Good for him!  You shouldn't have to hide who you really are.

But to the frothy liberals...

Have you ever noticed how much your side lies to advance their agenda?

I did not get to keep my doctor.

Increased regulation of healthcare did not lead to better care and lower prices.

Conceal carry did not lead to blood in the streets.

Increased levels of gun ownership did not lead to increased levels of crime.

Exporting jobs and factories did not lead to increased prosperity for the middle class.

Increased spending on primary education did not lead to higher test scores.

Smaller classroom sizes did not lead to higher test scores.

Every single one of the above policies was provably incorrect at the time of passage and the advocates dismissed the possibility they were wrong airily and often with personal attacks on the people who were opposed to these "sensible" policies.

When you notice a pattern, you start to wonder if the people advocating along this pattern are stupid or lying.

You begin to look at anything they propose with a jaundiced eye.

You start sounding like a conspiracy nut because you start looking for ulterior motives.

You lose friends because you don't accept the mainstream media's unquestioning support of these same failed policies.

But I realized something today.

I am far happier living in the real world without their companionship than I was living in their world of falsehood and vain hopes.


  1. How dare you fail to mention that both global temperatures, AND sea level has not risen!

    Hell just think of all those people buried in mass graves in the Soviet Union who were waiting for their glorious worker's paradise, and instead got a bullet in the back of the head.

    1. There are so many lies out there that to list every single one would mean I'd never finish.

    2. Massive understatement.

  2. I would point out that liar and stupid are in no way mutually exclusive.


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