05 December 2016


Dick's Sporting Goods is on my list.

This is because they took deposits (and maybe payments in advance) for an exclusive AR from Troy Defense then cancelled the orders right after Sandy Hook.

Troy is on my list.

This is because they make bad hiring decisions in their Troy Asymmetric division, such as Jody Weis and Dale Monroe.  Weis was let go immediately once uproar began, Monroe... not so much.

I am dissonant because Dick's screwed over Troy and enemy of my enemy stuff.

But Dick's still screwed over their customers who, in good faith, put down money to receive a product that Dick's did not deliver.  They did issue refunds though.  But did it at a time when you couldn't buy an AR for love or money.

But like forgiving Ruger and Smith and Wesson... if someone can prove that Dale Monroe doesn't work at Troy anymore and Steve Troy has recanted his several glowing endorsements I'll forgive and be a customer again.

Dicks too, all they have to do is sell EBR's again.

1 comment:

  1. The prices are generally enough to keep me out of Dick's. There are other sporting goods places around here that are generally cheaper.


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