17 December 2016

Having It Both Ways

Dear Dancing Monkeys and Liberal Racists.

If you can cast a black guy to play Mordo, Wilson Fisk (TWICE) and Nick Fury then you can shut the fuck up when a white English woman is cast to play a Tibetian  Kamar-Tagian man.

I am astonished that you're so eager to have an Asian play The Ancient One because I'm old enough to remember all y'all bitching that the character itself was racist.

Just a clue, Zoe Saldana is not an Zen-Whoberis, should we protest her being cast in that role?

Bradley Cooper is not a raccoon, and has never been genetically modified or surgically implanted with cybernetics.

Vin Diesel, while he MIGHT be a space alien, is not a talking vegetable.

Do you see, Dancing Monkeys and Liberal Racists?

They're characters from a comic book.  They are fictional universes, and by extension fictional characters.

The Ancient One is from a fictional village in the Himalayas and is over 500 years old.

Wanna know something else?  Tilda Swinton isn't a quinquagintigenerian either.

Probably isn't even bald.

Fucking Dancing Monkeys don't even know their own.

Also of note: Who's not complaining about the casting changes... Comic Book Guys (and Gals).


  1. And how about the quality of the performance?

    In the James Bond novels, Felix Leiter is a blond texan. He's been played by a few blond dudes, and a few with darker hair, and all have been relatively forgettable.

    Yet he's been cast twice as a black man, and those performances were scene stealing.

    Racist, or just good cinema?

    1. You will notice that they didn't demand someone of Nordic descent play Heimdall either.

      Idris Elba fucking owned that role, by the way.

      I tend to prefer the best performance. I am still kind of stunned that they are actually complaining that the film snagged Tilda Swinton. She's really hard to beat.


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