29 December 2016

It's Fahsion Dahling

Going out of your way to have color matched PMAG's can only result from being a fashion victim.

It's FAHbulous!

Now I need to score Harvey a flat-dark earth PMAG for her Kevina.


  1. Negative. In my place 223 is black, 300BLK is desert sand, AR10 was OD (had waffle mags), and 6.8 is soon to be painted soon. Mags match to keep the wrong ammo from being loaded and having a bad day.

    1. 5.56x45mm in M855 or 69gr is in a 30 rounder. 5.56x45mm M193 is in a 20 rounder. This is because I have 1:12 barreled guns that won't accurately shoot the heavier bullets.

      6.8 magazines get a band of electrical tape around the bottom. That way I can tell by feel as well as looks which magazines are what.

      I don't have .300 Blackout and don't plan on getting it, so I won't have the same need to segregate my magazines as someone who does.

      But all that is mundane and dreary utility, Darling. This is FASHION!


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