16 December 2016

Operator Error

Being monkey curious, there was something I wanted to see on my Savage's bolt head last night.

I took out the bolt looked at how the extractor worked, satisfying my curiosity, then put the bolt back in.

While putting the bolt back in I decided to play with the safety which will trip from lock-bolt to just safe while reinserting the bolt.  It did!

I put it back on fire to function check...

Whereupon the rifle would not dry fire.

The trigger was locked solid.  Pushing the safety to the bolt-locked position didn't lock the bolt.

You cannot access the screws that let you get at the trigger unless you can push the bolt release, and you need a live trigger for that.

I was stumped!  I'd somehow broken my rifle putting the bolt back in.

Then I noticed...


I was trying to dry fire with the safety in the bolt-locked position.

Operating the safety correctly shows that there's nothing wrong with the rifle at all.


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  1. I always thought that was kinda backwards on Savages... but someone explained to me that the idea probably was that if it were to snag on something while walking through the brush going to safe would be better than taking off safe to fire... However, I personally think it is more likely that it just worked out better mechanically for the guy who was designing it...


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