25 December 2016

Paying Attention

Palmetto State Armory sent me an email for their Christmas Clearance Sale.

One of the deals is for PMAGs.

Using the discount code you can get Gen M2's for $7.99 each.  Hella deal!

But if you pay attention to the bottom of the page...

They've got a package deal of 10x D&H aluminum mags and 10x PMAG Gen M2 mags for $129.

$6.45 each!

So if you were planning on ordering 10 PMAGs anyways and have a friend who won't use no fru-fru fancy plastic mags... you could split the order and everyone saves!  Except that the D&H mags are normal priced at $5.99.  So the split is really $59.90/$69.10 making the PMAG's $6.91 each.

Still a deal!  Still a better price than the coupon!  If you have a friend who feels like they need some aluminum mags to split the order with...

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