27 December 2016

Prices On Those Mags

Prices are whatever sale price you can get today.

Amend2 30-round: Brownells $9.95 for black or tan.
ASC USGI Aluminum: 44Mag $10.38.
Brownells USGI Aluminum: Brownells $10.49.
C-Products Defense SS: AIM Surplus $9.95.
CAA MAG, CDMAG, MAG17: CAA Gear Up €20.00 ($20.91).
Daniel Defense DD Magazine 32-round: Brownells $19.00.
D&H Tactical Aluminum: Brownells $12.99.
Elite Tactical Systems Group 30-round: Primary Arms $16.99 with coupler, $14.99 without.
FAB Defense E-Lander: Brownells $17.99
FAB Defense Ultimag: Zahal $23.00.
FN SCAR-16 magazine: Brownells $29.00.
Hera Arms H3: Rainier Arms $12.99 for H3T.  CDNN has a Colt branded H3 for $9.99 on sale.
Hexmag: Brownells $11.99.
H&K High Reliability
H&K 5.56mm Polymer: AIM Surplus $18.19.
Lancer AWM: Brownells $15.59 for opaque and smoke, $16.99 for clear.
Magpul D-60 Drum: Brownells $123.45.
Magpul PMAG M2 MOE: Brownells $12.30.
Magpul PMAG Gen M3: Brownells $17.05.
Mission First Tactical MFT Standard Cap.: AIM Surplus $9.95.
MWG IK-510, IK-520: MWG Co. IK-510 $16.75, IK-520 $18.95.
Okay USGI Aluminum (33710): 44Mag $12.50.
ProMag PM-30 Roller-Mag: Midway $12.99.
SureFire MAG5-60 60-round: Brownells $116.10.
SureFire MAG5-100 100-round: Brownells $161.10.
Tango Down ARC 20 and 30-round: Brownells $21.99.
Tapco 30-round: Midway $11.99.
Troy Battlemag: Midway $13.99
X-Products X-15 Drum: Brownells $215 for solid, $309.99 for skeletonized.

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