02 April 2017

Am I The Only One Who Wonders About Stuff Like This?

Watching "Justified" on Amazon Prime.

What's up with that crescent wrench?  Why would someone save it and hang it on the wall?


  1. Like you don't have stuff around the house that "needs fixing" for the past 10 years...

    1. On the advice of counsel, I decline to answer on the grounds that my response my tend to remove all doubt that I am, in fact, a fool.

    2. Hey, I have a toolbox full of hand tools I've been meaning to get the rust out for the past 3 years... or was it 5 years?

  2. It's not broke. The owner has temporarily dismounted the laser sight. And the flashlight. And the Sonar. And the cup holders.

    Sua Sponte.

  3. The square hole left from where the worm gear was fits the arbor nut of the table saw perfectly.


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