28 April 2017


Hating crowds like I do, I'll probably never go to one...

But I am curious.

Have we reached the point where the number of attendees who go to watch the protests exceeds the number of protestors?


  1. The protest was over a mile away from the convention. Gail of the Mass Ayoob Group wanted to take an Uber, but we elected to walk, and I carried her tactical purse.

    There were 5 in our party, but there was probably another 5 2A people in the crowd (not counting Robert fucking Farago) of about 200

    Back when they protested directly outside the convention center it looked more like this


    Pics from this year here


    I have now been called a "spy" by the anti-gun lobby!

    1. But but but... you're unknown! The caption says so!


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