07 May 2016

Thag Know This Pain

And I've literally built a whole gun around such a small left-over part.

It was an M16A1 flash-hider lock washer.  It's on The Lovely Harvey's Platoon gun, Cheyenne.


  1. Usually when I find a spare part around, there's some gun, somewhere in the arsenal that's missing a bit. Are you sure all of yours have all of their pins? :P

    1. It's because of the retro-AR thing. You remove a perfectly fine part because it's black instead of the proper gray.

      Then you have a black part that slowly accumulates the rest of an AR.

      Or you have friends who want a particular combination and leave you with their discards.

      Which slowly accumulate parts and become a whole AR.

      Or your wife outright steals one of your builds and then demands changes. The changes lead to left-over parts...

      Which slowly grow into an complete rifle.

  2. This just crossed my mind last night as I was playing dress up with my toys (swapping parts around on two of my ARs). The build that I am completely obsessed with started off with finding an old school three prong FH buried in my spare parts box. I thought it would be fun to build an old version of an AR. Little did I know that those parts had begun to dry up years ago.

    1. I accidentally caught the end of the cheap era.

      Happily, there's lots of reproduction parts out there!

      Nodak is still making the uppers and lowers (with long wait times). AR15 Sports and Brownell's are making proper barrels. Vintage furniture is the bottleneck, but not too horrid yet.


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