06 May 2016


The water leak I discovered at the end of March...

And paid $1,500 to fix...

It's a gift that keeps on giving!

$422.80 is the water bill from that time period.

I thought that the $107 bill was steep...

I sure hope they have a payment plan, 'cause it would suck to have to shit it so soon after the other crap.


  1. Actually the s&wb might cut you a break. Call them up explain the circumstances and they'll probably ask to see a copy of the repair bill. At least not charge you for the sewerage.

    1. The water company is private and the sewers are county. I've put in to have the adjustment made to the bill, which could take up to three months to apply, they tell me.

      I'd thought that I'd caught it sooner than I had and this massive bill was a surprise. The leak must have been leaking longer than I'd thought from the bill where it jumped from $35 to $107. 40k gallons more than we normally use just poured into the ground under the slab.


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