02 May 2016

We're Only Up To Ten

I've only got 10 Mosin pics for the month so far.  Weer'd and Marv have already contributed one each.

Willard is good for at least three (I think).

Where's Erin's?

Spread the word!  I'm like 17 short!


  1. I beg you no to do a Cinco De Mosin post.... A pun post about a faux holiday celebrating when the French were beaten by Mexicans is tempting the gods! :)

    1. Sergei Ivanovich was born on May 5th (by many accounts) so it's natural to celebrate it as Cinco de Mosin!

      It might have been April 2nd or 14th too. I think there's a calendar discrepancy between the Imperial Russians and ours that causes this.

    2. Besides, the French were involved in making the Mosin-Nagant, so there's ANOTHER tie in.

  2. April 30th, 1863. Battle of Camerone. 62 men and 3 officers of the French Foreign Legion stood off over 2,000 Mexican troops for over 11 hours.

    As for the Mosin picture posts, I don't have a Mosin.

    If you'd take a picture of a Yugo M48 or SMLE (1916 built at RSA Enfield) in the place of a Mosin, I could hook you up. But no Mosin.


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