03 August 2016

Criminal Arrested For Breaking One Law Likely Has Broken Others As Well

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In other news, dog bites man.

This is a prime example of why gun control just will never work.  The "people" that proponents claim to be disarming are fully aware of what side of the Rubicon they stand on.  When you're a felony child-porn collector; why not also be a felony NFA non-registrant?

Note the cops weren't at his place because of the guns.  They were at his place because of the child porn and then found out about the guns.

It makes you wonder how many other caches of arms like this are out there held by people whose only crime is the guns and where there's nothing like the child porn to lead the cops to their house.  Again, we only know about this cache because he was arrested for child porn.

Being a legal NFA owner I've learned first hand that the most complicated part of making an NFA item is the damn paperwork BATFE wants.  How many people never bothered to learn that and just made the items without it?

The guns aren't the problem.


  1. I remember reading that the average criminal usually commits quite a few more crimes before getting caught but that it varies depending on the type of crime, etc. Some get caught the first time, others never get caught. Something like 1/3 of murders in the US go unsolved, although we don't know for sure how many of those murderers eventually get caught for another murder or some other serious crime.

  2. It amazes me that so much effort is placed pointing out the 'GUN', with all the paperwork required. Our government cannot keep track of Registered Sex Offenders, Parolees, much less Fast and Furious GUNS...

    I will never believe first time arresteds are first time offenders...it is simply unrealistic. I guess especially when it comes to child pornography. That's just me. But as they "claim" with drugs, rather it is the ladder effect...one small crime or drug, like pot leads to the next bigger badder crime/drug...although, I don't necessarily buy the pot leads you to heroin either..lol so there is that.

    Ok way off base, but to get back on track, I think a substantial amount of people underground their cache of weapons to keep government out of their business. We would probably be surprised. I get it, I guess, not that that's how we do it, but it is a valid concern/question.


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