03 January 2018

What Use Are Critics

I just watched an entertaining video titled Bright.  Thanks for recommending it Miguel!

The reviewers hate it.  Running 28% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Yet Netflix says it's their most viewed original ever.

Viewers like it.  88% at Rotten Tomatoes.

It's like the anti-Last Jedi.

I'm starting to think that critics have forgotten why we spend money on entertainment.

Hint, it's in the very word.


Bright is entertaining.  Yes, it's a tired buddy cop film.  But I propose that it had to trod well established tropes to introduce the parts that aren't old and worn.

Like the unquestioned racism of a typical D&D game-world?

I'm glad it was planned as two movies.  The first is the establishing shot.  The second should be where we see the story they want to tell.

Hollywood doesn't think in longer than a single episode arcs.

I am definitely entertained!  I will even cop to wearing rose colored glasses viewing it because we played with tropes like this several times in our gaming.  There was even an officially published game that did genre mixing like this called Shadowrun.


  1. I enjoyed the hell out of it! I also though the critics must have lost their damned minds. Didn't realise there will be a sequel! I'm happy to hear that.

  2. I watched it, my general measure of it was "Good, probably has room for improvement, but I cannot think of any specifics." To me, this means it is at least firmly Good Enough. I'm generally not one for movies and I sat through the entire thing in one sitting despite Netflix making it easily possible to pause, leave, and so on.

    Made me hanker for a game of Shadowrun or equivalent.

  3. Watched it out of curiosity, then did some research. Was shocked by the low ratings, considering that I enjoyed the movie immensely. Thought it was a very original spin on an old premise.

  4. I just finished it. Watched it on account of this little bit a couple others I've seen out there. Well worth my 2 hours just as a buddy cop film. Underpinnings of magic and mayhem made it just that much better. But I'm not a film critic..


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