18 September 2018

Actually They Are

Watching a video where the "myth" of AK accuracy is "busted".

The "myth" is the AK is less accurate than the M16.

They then showed that the sight radius is similar to the M4 and demonstrated shooting their AK against an AR.  They did concede that middies and rifle length gas systems were longer sight radii.

In their demonstration, the AK matched the performance of their AR.

Myth busted?


The reason the AK is "less accurate" than an AR is the type of sights and how easy they are to use.  All the demonstration proved is the shooter understood the sights of both guns and spent time (and ammo) shooting to be proficient with them.

Time and ammo that armies don't like to waste on conscripts.

Aperture sights are just easier to use and need less practice to use correctly.  Even though armies don't like to waste money at the range training their draftees, The West spends more time and ammo than The Soviets did.

Let's also consider the ammo.

Western ammunition's QC is generally better than what the Soviets cranked out.  As Karl of In-Range is oft heard to say, "a Crazy-Ivan in every box!"

Using comparable ammo, my own experience shows my AK's keeping up with my AR's.  With the cheapest stuff I can find...  I get the random flier which wasn't ME on the AK's.

In short:  The AK, as issued and fielded, is less accurate than an AR, as issued and fielded; but it's not actually the rifle that's the reason.

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