14 September 2018

Why Are Socialists So Rude

Tonight, coming back to The Bat's house from Teh Walmart there was an accident an exit ahead of our on-ramp.

A Bernie-Bro, identified by the many stickers festooned on the back of his car, was diligently preventing people from merging unless they were willing to be a bigger ass than he was.

I am that ass!

I nosed in ahead of him and forced a gap to get between him and the next car, then I crept slower than that car to let everyone on the on-ramp behind me get around us.

He declared me "number one!" and screamed obscenities at me as I made certain he did not advance past me while I also made sure others were able to merge into our lane from the two blocked by the accident.

Once clear of the accident he desperately tried to get around me to return the favor...

Alas.  His Saturn was unable to keep pace with The Precious as I screamed out of sight.

"Fuck you Bernie-bro," we shouted wishing everyone else a good night.


  1. The Communist Manifesto is really just a book about hurting people who are more successful than you in life.

    And when you think of what a fucking loser Marx was, you can see why his ideas appeal to assholes.

    1. Reading a lot of Marx's polemics, I get the impression that he was a guy with a LOT of anger issues. And if you knew me personally, you'd know that I know whereof I speak on that subject, even if on no other.

  2. Hey Angus;

    I guess that he felt "entitled", I see that a lot here in the county that is blue that I drive to on the way to work.

  3. There is someone where I live who has a Bernie sticker on a frickin Tesla. Total Douche-canoe.

    Good job in showing the socialist how to share the roadway.

  4. Heh, sucks when someone plays their OWN game back at them! :-)

  5. Actually, I am surprised he did not ram you with his planet car, out of rage, spite and general antipathy.

  6. In Austin they have DOT signs telling them to let people merge.


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