19 September 2018

Magazine Hoarding

Those of us whose gun-owning life straddles the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban have an... attitude about normal capacity magazines.

We accumulate them.

Lots of them.

We never ask, "do I need more?" because the answer is burned into our souls now.

YES! Buy them while you can.

Which leads to a situation where, even with a spreadsheet, I cannot honestly say how many magazines I have.  Every time I think I've gotten a compete inventory, I find another stash.


  1. Damn you.... I am on my way to order some more mags.

    1. Were you looking for your sponsor? Because I'm your enabler.

  2. Hey Angus;

    I had a bunch of GI Mags and my AR that I bought in 1991 so I did have an AR-15. I didn't have a bunch of ammo though...and back then, it was the "Salad" days where groceries and electricity were more important. Times got better and I slowly bought more ammo, until Sandy Hook, then it all went crazy. Now I buy a lot of ammo and upgraded my rifles and bought more rifles.....Yes I have learned. As they told me in the Army, "you go to war with what you have, not what you wish you had."

  3. "Hoarding" mags? did you say... Hell, if it can remotely be related to 'Artillery" I hoard it!! And if it's a "DEAL!!" I got it!! Never mind Gold and silver.... the new "Precious Metals" are Brass, Lead and Copper!!!!

    1. Gunnerbubba.....aka...skybill... aka... barnaclebill


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