22 September 2018

Twilight: 1950

We did an alternate history of an alternate history once.

What if World War Three had happened in the 1950's?

I had some fun with my players with that one.

The M16 was listed on the weapons tables I'd made.  Chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO.

"BWAH!?" they say, knowing that the M16 is a 5.56 gun.

"Well, you see, Springfield couldn't keep up with production of the M14, so the AR-10 and FAL are adopted as secondary standards as the M16 (AR-10) and M17 (inch FAL).

Remington is whom I gave the M16 contract and H&R got the M17 contract.  Colt was directed to keep making machine guns.

The M16 proved popular with the players because it was much lighter, despite the Malf of 16.

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