28 September 2018

It's Enough To Give One Agida

I ordered a Gen 1 PMAG from someone on Gunbroker.

I win the auction with the buy-it-now on the 19th.

I mailed (first class) the USPS Money Order on the 20th, marking "payment sent".

That means the seller got my money on the 24th, 25th at the latest.

He didn't mark "payment received" so today I fired off a "where we sitting with this?" message.

His reply?

A tracking number for a label printed today.

Contrast this with The Mad Irishman...

He sold me a PMAG and had it in the mail the day after he got payment.

What's got me upset about THIS mag is USPS appears to have lost it.  It arrived at the departure hub the evening it was sent and has never left according to the tracking.  Update: Mad Irishman's mag has been scanned in Jacksonville.

On the positive side, my solenoid appears to out for delivery a day early.

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