21 September 2018


While screaming to the hills for the FBI to step in an investigate some people are forgetting that the FBI doesn't have any jurisdiction to investigate or prosecute anything but Federal crimes.  Federal is right there in the name Federal Bureau of Investigation.

They also appear to be surprised that there are, indeed, crimes which aren't Federal.

Which means that it's up to the state, county and municipal police to investigate and bring charges if warranted.

The FBI is allowed to come in and assist those local agencies at their request.

Guess what has not happened yet?

First off, you're going to be hard pressed to find a local agency who're going to stick their neck out on a 35 year old accusation of "attempted second base".

Especially not when such an accusation is so clearly politically motivated and the criminality is firmly established.

Especially when she discussed this stuff back in 2012 when Mitt Romney looked like he had a slim chance and that Kavanaugh would be his leading candidate for the Supreme Court.

She sat on it for six years only bringing it up to a Democrat Senator when Kavanaugh looked to be getting confirmed to the court.  Senator Feinstein, herself, sat on it until the most dramatic point for the stunning reveal.

If the trauma of her assault is so large in her mind, why did she not file charges as soon as she'd gotten the therapy to the point where she could name her alleged assailant?

Because his name is the only thing that exists in reality is what comes to mind.

No, I do not believe her.


  1. She can't even pin down when or where this happened. Compared to this nutso, the case against the Scottsboro Boys is absolutely open-and-shut.

  2. I've also heard that his mother presided over a foreclosure case against her parents and that she has been a Democratic operative and campaign worker. If both are true, she has lots of reasons to go be angry at him and go after him, and few reasons to stick to the truth.


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