01 September 2018


The frequent lightning here has apparently taken down our internet.

The "friendly" customer service "tech" says someone will be out to fix it Thursday morning.

Talk among yourselves.


  1. Tell them your son is handicapped and uses the internet as a communications device. It is needed for his control to get the internet up quickly. All true, right? Play the handicapped card (if true.) Trust me. It works. (But only if it's true. Else they'll get really pissed.)

  2. Hey Angus;

    We will keep the internet warm for you and leave a light on.

  3. They always want me to change out cables. Nothing happened to the cables, Mr. Tech Guy. They are properly installed and routed out of sight where they are very difficult to get at - especially for an old fat man. So I just tell them hold on.... yes, OK, I did that. Same problem. New cable box or modem, problem gone.


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