04 September 2018

Limited Connectivity

Finally got a break in the rain to take this pic to amuse myself.

Still no internet, but got my phone and 4G, if I want to embrace the tedium.


  1. Nice! Is that a USGI pack? Also, tell me more about that clip-loader.

    1. https://www.dsarms.com/p-16582-magazine-stripper-clip-loader-for-fal-magazines.aspx

      Not sure what more there is to say about it!

      IIRC, this model won't work on inch pattern magazines without doing some cutting.

  2. Nice set of gear, though the US markings seems at odds with the never-US-issued. Do you have any British DPM and a Hi-Power?

    1. I know of more than one person who lugged this exact combination of gear about parts of Africa.

      US Milsurp went everywhere still bearing the 'US' marking.

      Look close, there's a Grande-Puissance already in the picture.

      I don't have any Brit camo, but I don't normally include clothing in these silly vignettes.


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