21 September 2018

Speaking Of Gun Nerd Moments!

Knowing that is a Merwin and Hulbert when your friend questions how the character reloaded so quickly... Priceless!

Bone Tomahawk, by the way.

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  1. Bone Tomahawk was a total "sleeper" movie for me. Not that it caused me to fall asleep, but in the street racer sense. With Kurt Russell leading the cast and it being set as a western, I assumed it would be a light and formulaic "white hat vs black hat (or feathers, as the case may be)" type movie.

    I was completely taken off guard with the horror aspects of the movie, and was genuinely surprised at how well they pulled off crossing those genres.

    Overall, waaaaay better than I expected, and hell, I genuinely like westerns.

    And as you stated, the guns were cool, too.


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