20 September 2018

Sancho! Another Lance!

Some windmills I tilt at from time to time:

Finding the missing M numbers.  There's lots of them.

Ever notice how the US Service rifles go from M1 to M14 to M16?  Pistols start at M9?  There must be a list someplace, but I've yet to find it.

Finding the missing T numbers, even more than M they're missing.

Locating a pre-Rev M PMAG for a history series.  This one should be simpler than it's turning out to be, but both the original PMAG and the revised Rev M version use the same SKU and UPC and are both referred to as "Gen 1"...  So you can't really sort them out from the shitty pictures on GunBroker.

People don't bother taking pics of the markings for these old things so you're left with guessing.


  1. Did you ever find the PMAG you were looking for? I have one dated Jan 2008, in damn near perfect shape.

    1. I don't know if the one coming from Gunbroker is right.

      The Rev M mags say "PMAG 30 M" on the right side with all the text and have an "M" embossed on the floorplate near the front.

      If yours doesn't say M on it, I'd swap you a Gen M3 for it!

    2. My apologies for not responding yesterday (I was drinking). There is NO M on my PMAG it is a true first gen unit. As a side note after looking through some of my other PMAG's I came up with an April 09 dated non M marked windowed PMAG also (in much more used condition).

    3. Purchase, swap or loan on that Pre-M? mcthag AT gmail DOT com


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