17 September 2018

What If

In 1954 Smith and Wesson created the Model 39 to enter into the US Army's service pistol trials.

The AR-10 was entered in the 1955 service rifle trials.

The pistol trials resulted in nothing.  A pattern that repeats several times from 1954 to SIG getting the M17 contract.

The rifle trials saw the Home-Town Favorite T-44A4 being type classified as the M14.

But what if?  This could have been Pistol, 9mm, M1 and Rifle, 7.62 NATO, M14!

But for the vagaries of politics...


  1. I'm pretty sure there was at least one pistol trial award between 1954 and the M17....

    1. Just because they managed to get the M9 and M11 accepted doesn't really change that they Lucy'd the gun makers at least a dozen times with the "we're gonna replace the existing pistol" football.

  2. Replies
    1. That has been astonishingly hard to discover.

      Heck, what was the M10? Or M12 through 16?


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