07 September 2018

Totally Not Compensating For Something

Willard's BRN-10B arrived today!

It's like a very large AR.  Big shock.

It's only 9.3 lb. loaded.  That's light!

The charging handle is, as others have noted, stiff.  Here's why:

That wee little, stiff, spring engages two little recesses in the back of the upper to hold the charging handle in place while the bolt is reciprocating.  Here's why:

It's blindingly obvious that this handle design would leave an open slot in the top of the gun, but we were surprised to see the end of the gas tube smiling at us anyways.  This also explains why users of the AR-10 mentioned how hot it got.

Ever wondered what your AR-15 bolt carrier group looked like before you got it wet and didn't set the dryer to "permanent press"?

Everything about this gun feels big, yet familiar.  That size coupled with the familiarity makes the pistol grip feel teeny.

Shooting will come later.

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