30 September 2018

I Outlived It

When I started accumulating tools for all my various wrenching adventures, I tended to get Craftsman from Sears.

In Ames, at the time, that was the only choice for decent tools.

Everyone else sold crappy tools.

It was kind of sad.

But, for the money, it was hard to beat Craftsman without flagging down the much more expensive Snap-On truck.

I'd always say that even though Snap-On made a better tool, the cheaper Craftsman had the same warranty... lifetime.

Apparently, I outlived a lifetime.

That warranty hasn't been worth the trip to Sears in a long time.  Dammit!

I will admit, I've only rarely needed to avail myself of it.  Only one or two things have ever actually broken.

Looks like we're going to Lowe's for cheap lifetime warranty tools now...


  1. Craftsman is being sold out of Ace Hardware stores, also.

    And the Kobalt line at Lowes is functionally good. Have had no problems with them, yet.

    1. Lowe's also sells Craftsman. The problem is without Sears, there's no warranty on my current pile of tools.

      Even with Sears, they've become so restrictive on what you can warranty and how, I might as well have bought Stanley from Wal Mart!


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