07 September 2018

Rolling The Dice

The odds are not good and I don't have the money handy, but I could probably panic sell some of the herd.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Good luck. I was hoping they would have been priced as used weapons, not at collector prices. Sigh.

    1. I did some research, they ARE being priced as used weapons.

      If the photos in an article I linked to earlier are representative of what they have, your $1,000 gets you a gun selling for $2,000 on Gunbroker right now.

  2. Good luck with the lottery. I was fortunate to acquire my father in law's 1911 which is a 1965 Anniston surplus rework. No numbers match and it was parkerized presumably by the armory but the original box in which is was MAILED by the armory via USPS to FIL and the invoice, say that he paid just shy of 17 dollars, including postage. It is has a 1942 production stamp on the frame. My how times have changed. It shoots like a dream, qualified for the CCL with it and also qualified for a shooting ribbon with one just like it in the Navy (1970 ish).

    1. My dad gave me a mint Remington-Rand. Like an idiot I traded it for a Glock 21.

      I keep that Glock to remind me to not do that again.


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