10 September 2018

AR-10(ish) Magazines

DPMS has set the tone for (not) AR-10's magazine wells.  Magpul uses this dimensional standard, and I am not even certain that DPMS is the author of the spec since SR-25 is often mentioned in the same breath.

At any rate, some weight.

Loaded weights are...

DPMS LR 308 steel 20-rounder: 1.6 lb.
Magpul PMAG-20 SR/LR Gen M3: 1.4 lb.
Brownell's AR 308 aluminum 20-rounder: 1.3 lb.

No pics because I'm on the road.

Of note:  The Magpul magazines don't work in the BRN-10 because they were faithful to the original and the magazine well's bottom is parallel to the barrel instead of sloped like the, later, AR-15.  DMPS and Brownell's mags are straight walled, where the Magpul has a slight curve to it.  That curve and a ridge to prevent overinsertion keep the mag from going into the well.  Carving the plastic down to allow it to work leaves it very thin.  Thinner than I would trust.

If we were stuck with $30 DPMS mags and $19 PMAG's I might risk it.   But the Brownell's mags are running for $10...

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